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Will I be able to walk? Won’t they ruin my feet?

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One of the misconceptions about footwear generally is that must be bad for you. Comments that are totally unscientific are browse by you and scare stories about high heels/elevators/fashion shoes/sneakers/flat sneakers’must’ be bad for you but you seldom see any critical science that proves this. This is because it is another of these hype and scare ideas that journalists thus love — all based upon an intense scenario mangling completely unscientific’study’ they can attach crying headlines to — but they can never mention any really serious cases other than general stuff. If you believe all you see, then will not be wearing any sneakers/trainers again because those are mentioned in stories to be bad for your toes, nor are you going to wear flat shoes again since, to quote a story in the Irish Examiner past summer:”did you know that wearing flat shoes can actually hurt your toes?” And so it goes on. Not much is ever really proved, although it sounds nice and pseudo scientific. That is important here since you will see the daftest and loopiest remarks made online (“I read it to the net so it has to be true”) about elevators. Not many, but some people today end up with a bit of an issue about anything which makes people look and attempt and pour water. Without fail, these folks have no knowledge of elevators, no scientific background, in fact no experience of whatever they are currently writing about a prejudice against personal advancement. “I mean, it has to be bad and wrong, right?”
You need a rest. Resting your feet, stretching exercises, intervals without wearing anything, wearing different shoes…these help to ensure your feet and legs stay fit. It is less to do with the type of shoe you’re wearing than with carrying a break, ringing the changes and mixing it up a bit. Any actual research which you can contact is really just about this 1 point. Strip away the hype and the timeless journalese and that is what you’ve got — don’t do something to intense and without break. My experience over the years tell me this is the way you tackle elevators and lifts…just like some other boots or shoes — it is possible to wear lifts WAY longer at a stretch than lifts but if you are going way up there for the maximum, then you need to take a break. On your feet all day in a pair 5″ lifts walking everywhere — I have done it if you don’t sit in any shoes that your feet will feel tired. Lifts are more tricky since they can slip, fit wrongly and put pressure on in the incorrect places — I see them as a training ground for getting used to being taller together with the real thing — properly made elevators.

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