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Who should wear elevators?

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It sounds an easy question to answer –“Who must wear lifts shoes?” It goes without mentioning that they are considered as’apparel for quick men’. However, this is no longer the situation. We have got to the point where nearly everyone today will gain from elevators sporting shoe. And here’s why.

Go back just 15 years and indeed that’s what lifts were, for smaller men — available in just tiny sizes, and in very old fashioned fashions, they were advertised in old fashioned and coy terms employing outdated language (‘discreet height support for the discerning gentleman’). That meant they were for men much shorter than ordinary. And way old.

I’m in my mid 30s and started adding height at approximately 19, very back end of the 1990s — I had been using lifts in my hi top sneakers/trainers, combat boots/Chelsea boots . I checked the lifts and made a mental note to not look at them again. Nothing like style at all. But with boots it all changed of course by firms like GuidoMaggi.

Then I in my 20s began to realize something — which wanting to be taller was the secret. Not being’brief’ (whatever that means). I discovered something scene in that period you fulfilled with all sorts of individuals. And you realized right from the beginning — some men you may think about as’short’ (a guy I conducted night with regularly) was perfectly happy being short. Actually I think he even quite liked it. He managed to build his body up fast because of his height and he never had the slightest problem with girls! Wore shoes that never gave a thought and were fashionable at the time and the flattest All Stars.


I knew for a simple fact of men who were already really tall, much taller than me, had something about their stature and liked being the tallest guy in the room. I could see plainly as a club promoter observing his customers that they were very aware of different men who were tall. And they would prefer to be taller yet.

I was especially aware of this because I dropped into that category myself at 6’2.5″ (190cm) I wanted to be as tall as 3 very enormous guys who arrived to some night I worked . Period. And what’s more I met . And he introduced the concept of adding height and me. He always looked big, he worked the door of another pub and we got talking a great deal and he confided in me.

Over a time I came to realize that this business of adding height was not really only about’shortness’. It was a lifestyle thing, and increasingly tailored to perceptions of what looks good according to his own lifestyle and the individual — not about a fixed idea written down about how you should look or behave in certain conditions. Like the old fashioned rules about what colours’a gentleman’ must wear together that are now regarded restrictive and as absurd. This is a significant change and it has definitely occurred over the previous 15 decades.

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