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Kid Cudi Just Out With His New Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers

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Following in the footsteps of Kanye, his former mentor, Cudi now has his own set of Giuseppe Zanotti shoes. The rapper tweeted last week but just yesterday it was announced that the shoes will be available to purchase within Zanotti’s 2015 spring/summer collection. The street fashion blog-baiting layout was apparently inspired by Cudi and made by Zanotti. I am not convinced that I’d be flattered if someone said I motivated these sneakers but I’m also not one of those hypebeasts who will unavoidably be lining up to purchase them.

Giuseppe Zanotti shoes

Something tells me Kanye wouldn’t be happy about them either–particularly with all the color choice that brings to mind Ye’s holy grail of a sneaker, the Nike Red Octobers that finished up recorded on eBay for $16.3 MILLION. Additionally, following Cudi’s dramatic departure from G.O.O.D. Music, Kanye likely guessed they’d never be sharing a tag , let alone the shoe tag that made each one the footwear for Kanye’s debut DONDA collection. To estimate a 19-year-old Kanye,”That shit is mad ironic.”
I’m only patiently awaiting Cudi’s next foray into trend, which I hope will include crop shirts.

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